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Maryam is an artist, designer, author, and art educator who has a long experience of art teaching in different levels from kindergarten to university in both countries of the U.S and Iran. 

Having her second master's degree in art education, concentrated in Art Teaching from the School of the Institute of Chicago, as well as earning her Art Teaching License from the state of Illinois in the US, have made her get deeper in the art and design world in different majors. 

In her art education's background, she has been teaching at Vivvi, one of the most well-known early childhood education programs as well as at Pardis for Children in New York City for more than a year. 



Although teaching to kindergarteners and high schoolers in Iran was already in Maryam’s resume', her art educational journey became deeper by becoming a TA at SAIC in Chicago as well as learning more during her education in her second master's degree; she has learned a different points of view about art and design in the US and designed many lesson plans and curriculums for art teaching for different levels. 



Finally, teaching at elementary schools beside the high schools in Chicago took her to a more professional path in Art education. On the other hand, Maryam is experienced as an Adjunct professor in three universities for almost six years in Iran, and in different majors including Illustration, Printmaking, poster, graphic designs, and art critics which built up a strong foundation of understanding of art beside education in her personality.  

Cultural Storytelling
Illustration/ Puppet & Performance Art
High School

Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 6.58_edited.jpg

This lesson plan is concentrated on storytelling in different cultural stories through various mediums of illustration, puppet and performance art. It can be taught to all the grades from elementary school to high school students. This lesson plan makes the students familiar more with not only their own culture but also with their peers' cultures and histories. When this journey combined with art making, it will be a memorable experience in the process of learning. 

Cultural Puppet Design
Puppet Designing Project
Kindergarten to High School

Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 3.37.44 AM.png

Through this art journey, students from different levels from kindergarten to high school learn how to make a puppet based on various cultural stories rooted in their own cultures and origins. 

Van Gogh, History and Impressionism
Collage & Performance Art
Middle School/ High school

Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 10.12.35 PM.png

In this lesson plan, a small group of student learn the different aspects of Van Gogh’s lifestyle and works. Then, they present a “play,” live in the classroom and record themselves based upon their research. They can wear 19th century European costume and play the artist’s role, create a room with pictures of Van Gogh and his works on the wall, or present a documentary and animation based on his life's story and art works. After this historical part, all students will express their interpretations of Van Gogh throughout their artworks with an Impressionism style.

Potluck Party
3D Collage Project
Kindergarten to High School

Through this lesson plan, students learn how to visualize their own favorite traditional food! And then go to a potluck party in the nature with their artworks with their peers. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 3.30.16 AM.png

Cultural Costume Design
Collage Project
High School

Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 3.23.39 AM.png

This art project is designed for high school students who are able to do a deeper research about traditional costumes and clothings. After doing a research about this topic, they start to visualize their knowledge about their own traditional costumes by using the technique of collage in a creative and modern way. 

Beautiful Loose Things
Collage Project
Kindergarten/ Elementary School

Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 6.53_edited.jpg

"The Beautiful Loose Things" is a lesson plan for both Kindergarten and elementary school kids. In this project, students learn to pay more attention to the objects around them in their daily life. They are supposed to gather the "Loose things" and create an installation art in an innovative way, then do photography of their works. 

Birds in the Forest
Picture Book Project
Kindergarten/ Elementary School

Picture Book.jpg

This lesson plan is  a proper project for both kindergartners and elementary schoolers. Through this plan students learn about story-telling and how to make an illustration based on a poem.

Nick Cave as an Inspiration
Collage Costumes Project
Middle School/ High school

Nick Cave.jpg

In this project, students will learn how to get inspired by the famous artists from around the world, do researches based on their artworks, get their own interpretations and eventually create their own artworks to complete this artistic journey. 

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