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 UX/UI Design


"The Soul of Persia" was a UX and UI project for designing a website for an upcoming art exhibition in NYC. The main feature of this platform is creating this possibility for the user to purchase their favorite artworks online beside getting familiar with the artist and its artworks in advanced before the art exhibition. The most crucial aspect of this website was the user-friendly environment to make all its users to use this platform easily.

All the parts of this project was done by me as a UX and UI designer as well as being the visual designer. This website's UX and UI was defined to be designed in a short term project and was done in less that 3 weeks in a tight timeline; All the process of UX research including doing interviews, making persona, user journey, competitive audits, affinity diagram, information architect, designing site map, user-flow, story board, wire framing and prototyping, usability testings in different stages of design, iterations and mock-ups with accessibility consideration, as well as branding including designing were done by me.




1. Usually the art exhibition websites is only for letting the users know about the exact date of exhibition not showing the artworks.

2. Many art exhibition's websites do not have the feature of selling the artworks online.


1. Creating a user-friendly and straight forward design for this website to make the users able to get familiar with the artist as well as seeing the artworks beside knowing the exact time and date of the exhibition. 

2. Designing a simple environment to show the artworks and make the users able to purchase their favorite artworks online. 

Case Study


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