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An App Design

UI Design


Health Me Diet was an UI project to design an app for a defined diet program. The main feature of this service is making the users independent to follow up daily healthy diet plans. So, the most important aspect of this app was the user-friendly environment to make all its users to use this app daily and easily. By using this app, the users can track their daily intake calories even before they eat and choose their weight loss goals, diet, and food preferences. ​

The simple design of all parts plus to the illustrations and color scheme bring the feeling of healthy diet for the users.

This app's UI was defined to be designed in a sprint project; All the process of graphic and UI designs including ideating, finding an innovative branding name, designing the logo, defining the persona, scenario, user flow, wireframes and eventually prototyping and delivering the final product were done by me and in only in 3 days. users.




1. Usually the diet apps are complicated for the users to calculate their daily intake calories and follow up a healthy diet.

2. Many diet apps showing lots of information about the nutritious features of the foods which makes the users confused and push them to give up using the app by bombarding them by many unnecessary information.


1. Designing a simple environment to show a clear and easy instructor for the users to calculate their daily calories was one of the main goals in UI design of this app.

2. Creating a user-friendly and straight forward design for this app encourages the users to keep using this app daily in order to track a healthy diet plan based on their expectation.




User Flow:

User flow-task 1.png


Mood Board:

Mood Board.png


Health Me Diet app wireframes.png

UI Kit:

Group 236.png




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