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An App Design

 UI Design


FishMe was an experimental UI project for designing an app for a defined fishing program. The main feature of this service was helping the users to assist them to find fishing locations, tournaments, communities, stores and equipments. The most crucial aspect of this app was the user-friendly environment to make all its users to use this app easily.

By using this app, the users can track different locations for fishing, check the forecast, connect with fishing communities, following the tournaments, finding and buying fishing equipments and some information and news with the topic of fishing. 

All the parts of this project was done by me as a UI designer as well as graphic designer. This app's UI was defined to be designed in a sprint project; All the process of graphic, research and comparative analysis, suggesting the name, UI designs including ideating, designing the logo, developing the persona, scenario, user-flow, wireframes and eventually prototyping and delivering the final product were done by me and in only in 2 days.




1. Usually the fishing apps are complicated by providing lots of features or they are not user-friendly enough to be used in the nature.

2. Many fishing apps do not provide different services like forecasting the weather of fish locations or updating the news and tournaments.


1. Creating a user-friendly and straight forward design for this app encourages the users to keep using this app in order to have access to different services and information about fishing.

2. Designing a simple environment to show a clear and easy instructor for the users to different locations for fishing and check the weather condition beside being connected with the other fishermen, communities and getting aware of tournaments and news as well as buying equipments from fishing stores online. 




User Flow:

User flow-task 1.png


Mood Board:




UI Kit:

UI Kit.png




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